Writing website content for online readers is a specialised skill. Content that interests your readers and is optimised for search engines brings customers to your website.

Writing Online Content

You need a content writer for your website? The Scribe writes online content that generates leads, informs your customers and sets up online conversations.

Content for your business website and for website designers

Website designers and builders can engage me to write content for websites they are producing for their clients. I’m happy to work through the designer or with the client on behalf of your website company.

You can also come directly to me if you need a professional online content writer to produce content for your own website. We’ll discuss your ideas and talk about how website content can achieve success for you online. I’m easy to work with, and focused on writing the content that will make your website productive.

Writing content for mobile websites requires a particular set of skills if it is to communicate your message clearly. The Scribe is trained to write online content especially for mobile phones, as well as for larger screens. As mobile phones are now the most commonly used online device throughout the world, it is wise to have your mobile content written by a competent writer.

Find out what Tiger Turf had to say about the content work The Scribe has completed so far on the Testimonials page

Optimising website content by skilful writing

Fresh, interesting content that is easily found by online browsers and search engines such as Google and Yahoo is best written by a professional writer trained in online writing, a highly technical skill.

The Scribe will optimise your content effectively as she writes: every word is selected and placed with care; each sentence, paragraph and page is constructed according to current best practice for online reading.

Refresh your website content frequently for good search results

By adding fresh content regularly, you’ll encourage your readers to visit your website often, which will in turn lift your website’s listing on the Search Engine Results page. This will improve your lead generation as online browsers find you more easily.

The Scribe can also keep your website content up to date for you on a monthly basis. Stale content that is past its use-by date won’t be achieving the results you want. Delete obsolete information, and add new content regularly. It’s always best to retain the existing style of writing by using the original writer, so that you avoid having disjointed, lumpy content, which may not be optimised for online readers.

Depending upon the size of your company, you may not want to employ a skilled online writer on a full-time basis. Using The Scribe to write for you as required will probably prove more efficient in terms of cost and effective content.

Writing blog content for your company

An easy method of keeping your website content fresh and engaging is to post blog entries regularly. As with all your content, the blog posts should reflect the professional attention to detail and high level of skill you’d like readers to associate with your services or products.

The Scribe can write your blog posts on a regular basis, providing interesting and useful information for your clients. You can use blogs to feature new products or services, or to stimulate interest in existing products. We can discuss a blogging strategy initially, and work from there. Find out more about how the Scribe can help with your blog here

Case studies showcase your recent projects

Feature successful projects on your website. You’ve made your client happy, why not show all your readers the high standard of work you can produce. A collection of impressive, well-presented case studies works as a shop window for your company, displaying your products and services in their best light to attract potential customers.

Contract The Scribe to write the copy for these as each project is completed. I’ll work with your marketing manager or salesperson to write these case studies in line with your marketing strategy. Find out more here.

News articles for your website stimulate readers’ interest

Posting regular news items about new developments in your company, or about relevant market information will also keep your site looking fresh and bright. Web browsers enjoy reading interesting news online, and you will draw a growing number of website readers by feeding their interest often, with genuinely interesting, well-written information.

Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do
— Google Webmaster Guidelines

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