Need some help with writing your company documents? Your reports, newsletters and articles will look better when edited by The Scribe.

Senior managers may have excellent skills, apart from writing. Poorly written documents will, unfortunately, give a bad impression of your ability to carry out your responsibilities to a high standard. Boards can be extremely unimpressed by written errors in corporate documents, such as board reports and managers’ reports.

Clearly written documents in plain language, without grammatical and spelling errors, will make a positive impression on all readers, lending authority to your content, which would otherwise be undermined by sloppy grammar and writing.

Clear communication is more difficult than most writers realise. You’ll have received emails and documents that leave you baffled, or amused, by unintentional errors. Don’t be one of those writers. The Scribe is experienced at spotting ambiguities and misleading constructions, both of which can be damaging for your company in certain contexts, and will certainly end up wasting time. I’ll highlight statements that need clarifying and rewrite faulty syntactical constructions that can be misleading.

The Scribe has had many years of experience in editing company documents for senior management, always working with respect for my clients and offering absolute confidentiality. I do not discuss my clients or their work at all. We set up a good working relationship, with friendly communication, and keep the work flow moving along efficiently.

Some clients contact me when they need me to work with them on large projects; others use The Scribe’s editing and writing services regularly with monthly invoicing.

I use Track Changes in Microsoft Word as the most efficient method of editing, giving you the option to select the changes you agree with, and using Comments to explain changes or seek clarification as necessary. This retains the integrity of your original document and puts you in charge of the process.  

Contact The Scribe to chat about reviewing or creating company documents that give you the edge.