Your tender documents can achieve successful outcomes: clearly written, with your main points strategically placed, your tender documents are set to score well above the competition.

Send The Scribe your tender documents before you submit them. I’ll edit and rewrite them in a clear, professional style that reflects the quality of your company’s work. Untidy tenders suggest lack of attention to details, despite the hours you’ve put into preparing the documents. An assured, competently written document will make a strong, positive impression on the tender panel.

Often, several team members contribute to a tender, resulting in a fragmented style marred by irregular usages, repetitions and, occasionally, contradictory information. No-one wants to turn up to a job interview dressed for an op-shop party when everyone else is looking good in semi-formal. Professional presentation and attention to detail will give you the advantage of looking well organised from the outset.

The Scribe will put your best points forward in well written plain language, using carefully controlled syntax to showcase your winning attributes. Your team members will each contribute from their own field of expertise, and you can trust me to apply my skills and experience as a professional writer to editing and rewriting your tender documents.

Let’s get your tender tidied up and ready to go. I’ll work alongside you and your team so you can concentrate on putting the information together and leave me to overhaul the content. Ring me or email me to discuss your project and find out how I can add value.

Contact The Scribe about creating a winning tender document for your business